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AJ Hazzi
AJ Hazzi

Dear current or future real estate agent:

If you’re reading this, you are a new agent, you’re already working at a real estate brokerage, or you are interested in pursuing a more lucrative career in the industry. Let me make a few guesses about your current circumstances:

If you’re already an agent, and you probably aren’t getting the support that you need to advance your career. You have no leverage, no control of your schedule, and no plan. Many brokerages don’t offer the leads, training, coaching, accountability, or structure required to succeed in this business.

This can lead to tough times. The average agent only sells 10 homes a year. One-third of agents are likely to quit within their first year. The top 10% of agents are doing 90% of the business, leaving that bottom 90% to compete for the scraps.

You might long for the kind of lifestyle that your current job can’t afford you—the freedom to maintain your life outside of work as you please, the money to support your family as well as your personal goals, and the time to make all of it a reality. If you’re kept awake at night because you feel like you’re disappointing the ones you love and have no clear plan to change your trajectory, you probably long for the weight of looming bills and the stress of feeling like a failure to leave your shoulders.

Perhaps you’ve already sought out a solution to these problems. There are numerous companies out there that promise to deliver quality leads that you can convert to clients, therefore allowing you to grow in your business and life. The trouble is, many of these are merely marketing mirages designed only to recruit you, not to nurture your professional and personal interests. You might focus your attention on whether a brokerage offers a high split, but you should know that those don’t provide you with the highest value or the coaching you need. Many brokerages spend all day recruiting when they should be spending that time training you to be successful.

With all that in mind, here’s the thing: If you don’t do something different with your career, you’ll probably wind up like the rest of the 87% of the business—admitting defeat and leaving the industry forever. You’ll go back to a regular nine-to-five job, forego the comfortable lifestyle you always dreamed of, and re-enter the cycle of worrying about making ends meet. Don’t let your frustration and anxieties depress you. There is a solution to your problems, and it doesn’t involve leaving the real estate business forever:

I’d like to invite you in for a discussion about becoming a member of our brokerage. My name is A.J. Hazzi, and I’ve been where you are. I founded my team back in 2008, right as the world plunged into financial crisis. I realized the way that real estate had been practiced for the past 100 years was failing, and that’s how a new model was born.

Teamwork, pooled resources, and the latest technology help our agents experience the limitless income and freedom of time that made them want to get into the business to begin with, all while delivering a five-star experience to every client we serve. Our brokerage has been called “the real estate office of the future.” Our team’s agents sell three times as many homes as the industry average, netting more money and working fewer hours.

Let me be a little more specific about what my team has to offer:

  • The most brokerage-generated opportunities per agent in the Okanagan
  • A licensed inside sales department (only office in the area)
  • Zero expenses
  • World-class training
  • Mentorship
  • Strong, palpable culture
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Docusign
  • world class CRM system
  • Mojo Dialer
  • State of the Art website
  • Done for you Marketing
  • G Suite
  • State-of-the-art office space
  • 75 leads per month, minimum
  • A proven system that allows you to predict your deals one to two months in the future

We are the only group you can join that you will never outgrow. Your growth is never limited, and earning more doesn't mean working more hours. Our system is the most highly leveraged, dynamic, and exciting place to build your real estate practice.

If you take me up on my offer to discuss whether our team is right for you, I’d be glad to show you that we’re not all just talk—we can prove that what we say truly happens.

Then again, you could also elect to go a different route. You could build an independent agency like mine from the ground up. However, this takes years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment capital. You could also join EXP as a one-person show, take training through their virtual classroom platform, and develop your own systems for servicing clients. You could also join another team in our marketplace, get some of their overflow clients, and have them pick up the tab on the bulk of your expenses.

Or you could join us. Our platform empowers agents to build a business and a team within our model, offloading tedious tasks like HR, finance and payroll, lead generation, training, operations, management, and sales management and compliance. The choice is yours: Face an uncertain industry full of mirages and false promises on your own—or become an agent on our team.

Here’s my offer: You can apply to join our firm as an agent or as a paid intern. We offer scholarship programs as well for those who are contemplating a career in real estate. Since we believe in culture above growth, we have a rigorous selection process to ensure a great fit for both sides.

If you take our offer, the onboarding process will start right away. You’ll meet with Cassandra, our vice president of operations. Then you’ll get systems training from our director of operations, Michael, sales training from sales manager Nick Hazzi, and negotiation training from me.

If your interest has been piqued, I urge you to act quickly. We only make one hire per quarter. I guarantee that if you follow our systems and apply the training, you will earn six figures in your first 15 months. Reach out today so we can help you succeed in real estate regardless of what happens next.

I hope to hear from you soon!

AJ Hazzi

P.S. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions I receive about working here...

1. What separates you from the competition, in your opinion? An abundance mindset versus one of scarcity. Also our culture and a proven system for results. We offer more brokerage-level services than any other office in BC.

2. How are leads distributed? Is it fair? Yes, it's very fair. We operate a meritocracy where you are rewarded for developing your skills and maintaining high conversion rates. Our inside sales agents are empowered to match the client with the right real estate agent based on personality type, level of expertise, and track record of performance. Agents who communicate well with the inside sales agent whose paycheck is relying on their performance are rewarded with more appointments.

3. Why do agents leave? There is no greener grass, but real estate tends to attract a lot of type A personalities. Occasionally, our structure provides a challenging atmosphere for them. They want to do things their way and start to “buck the system.” This can cause friction because we always put the team’s needs before the individual. From time to time, this can lead to a parting of ways.

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