These seven questions will reveal all you need to know about your client.

Today we’re going through the seven questions that you must ask a client at every single appointment before launching into your presentation. If used correctly, these questions will convey that you’re competent, caring, and has a process for success: 

1. “What has changed in your world?” What’s prompting them to make a move? Whatever their answer may be, respond with, “Tell me more.” Or, you could ask them what this upcoming move ultimately means to them. It’s important that you understand your client’s motivations and use that information to transition into this next question… 

2. “What are your fears or concerns about the upcoming move?” I borrowed this one from Brian Buffini, and it’s great because fears speak to the emotional side of people while concerns trigger the more logical side. A question like this allows you to smoke out what things are bothering people. They’ll appreciate that you asked; it demonstrates both your character and your competence. 

3. “What does a 10 out of 10 experience look like to you?” Every client will have a different definition, so it’s crucial that you understand their particular expectations. 

4. “What is important to you when deciding to work with an agent?” Chances are, you’ll initially get some knee-jerk responses, like, “As much money as possible for my home,” or, “A great deal on a home.” However, if you probe a little further, you could get some pretty thoughtful answers like, “Trust,” “Not feeling pressured,” and “Mutual respect.” 

“Fears speak to the emotional side of people while concerns trigger the more logical side.”

5. “Who do we need to loop in?” This is by far the most overlooked question. A lot of times, buyers will involve their uncle, brother, sister, aunt, best friend, etc., later on in the transaction, and they’ll act as the ‘sale prevention team’ by filling your client’s ear with questionable advice. It’s best to get ahead of a scenario like this by finding out whose outsider opinion matters most to the client so that everyone can be educated on the process as it unfolds. 

6. “What needs to happen before we’re able to accomplish your goal?” Perhaps they’re waiting on some money or need to file their taxes. Instead of framing it aggressively, as in, “What’s holding us up?”, this question allows you to identify roadblocks and create a customized solution.

7. “Has anyone ever taken the time to properly explain agency to you?” This is the question that should lead into your official presentation. The answer is almost always no. In turn, you can respond by saying, “Great, well, I have a little presentation that I want to share with you that’s going to explain all the obligations and duties that I have to protect you throughout this process.” 

Remember: Your client wants to feel heard. Don’t thrust information onto your clients without first allowing them to share their needs in their own words. Ask the right questions, and they’ll tell you the full story. If you have any further questions yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you more about what it means to be a trusted advisor to our clients.

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